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Trailer: The Words (2012)

Added: August 3, 2012

When I saw the trailer of 'The Words', it is like a deja-vu of Limitless movie, which star by the Sexies Man Alive himself, Bradley Cooper. Both movies talk about the struggling writer who's encountering some sort of writer's block, and life and each character's love life are fully dependent on that book to be published. The means to get the book done is either takes a pill (NZT) to alert the brain and write as fast as you can (Limitless) or find an unpublished manuscript like what happened in this movie.

The Words tells the tale of Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper), a struggling writer who eventually achieves the success he so desperately wants – by taking credit for another author’s manuscript, which was written many years before. However, Rory’s guilty conscience eventually begins to affect him in unexpected ways. Writing duo Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal (TRON: Legacy) will help us bring to the other side of the success of every writer's story.

This drama movie is rounding out the cast of big-names such as Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde, Dennis Quaid, J.K. Simmons and Jeremy Irons as a mysterious elderly figure. The film’s supporting cast also includes a handful of recognizable faces, including Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian) and John Hannah (Spartacus: Blood and Sand).

So, let’s take a look on each of the screencap here.

This photo shows the stage wherein everything seems to be normal -- like the protagonist is riding subway train. An old voice is narrating at the background of the trailer.

The Words Trailer 1

There was a sudden switch of time -- with Ben Barnes, wearing a US Army suit and the video suddenly became old with Instagram effect.

The Words Trailer 2

Cooper and Barnes are flashing juxtaposed of the present and past time. Looking at the trailer, it shows that whatever is happening with Cooper in present time, happened to Barnes in the past. This gives us a confusion on what exactly the relationship of the two characters.

The Words Trailer 3
The Words Trailer 4

This is the same the scene that brought me to the 'Limitless' days -- wherein Cooper is making alibis on why he cannot come up with stories, which supposedly his expertise as a writer. To publisher, maybe it does count. To his dad -- well, it doesn't.

The Words Trailer 5

It's funny when I see J.K. Simmons with a desk -- I still imagine him as the grouchy publisher of the Daily Bugle and employs Peter Parker to get pictures of Spider-Man. In 'The Words', maybe he tamed a little. He's the grouchy father of Cooper.

The Words Trailer 6

This kind of role, like set in an old time, suits Ben Barnes. He can be anyone, as long as he shows up in a Medieval era or 1920's. He's Prince/King Caspian after all.

The Words Trailer 7

The next few screencaps show the similarities of events happening with Cooper's and Barnes' life. I'm thinking that Brian Klugman and Lee Sterntha intentionally did this on the trailer to confuse us, that what is happening to both of them are coincidental -- to justify that Cooper's actions.

The Words Trailer 8
The Words Trailer 9
The Words Trailer 10
The Words Trailer 11
The Words Trailer 12

The caption says, "A story from the past, becomes a secret in the present." This explains the conflict/highlight of the story. It even shows the typewriter and computer used to write the same story and later claimed to be Rory Jansen's own creativity.

The Words Trailer 13
The Words Trailer 14
The Words Trailer 15
The Words Trailer 16

I like the idea that they used the modern 'novel/book selling' online -- which tells us that this is really happening NOW!

The Words Trailer 17

I'm thinking if Cooper's character copied verbatim of the old manuscript. I mean -- come on! He should have changed the names or used Thesaurus to come up with new words right? If he thought while rewriting the novel to his laptop the possibility that the original writer won't find out is a dumb thought to be honest.

The Words Trailer 18

And now -- someone is claiming the story. Jeremy Irons, my guess is the old Ben Barnes. He read the book and he felt like he was reading his life. (I'm just guessing here). He said something that made me more curious about: "You made something to steal man's life and you expect no price to pay?" What is Rory Jansen have to pay?

The Words Trailer 19

In the process of conscience and guilt, the brain and heart argues on what should be or should not be done. He needs to accept the consequences of his actions -- Will Zoe Saldana accept the man without WORDS in the first place?

The Words Trailer 20
The Words Trailer 21

The song played is striking to me. So, I searched for that song and it was entitled "Demons" by Imagined Dragons. It is really good!

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