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Trailer: Playing for Keeps (2012)

Added: September 5, 2012

Gerard Butler already proved that he’s a versatile actor. He can be a heroic King Leonidas in 300; a disfigured obsessed opera singer in The Phantom of the Opera; a loving husband who made us cry in P.S. I Love You and a quirky know-it-all playboy in The Ugly Truth. We all remembered his role on these films, which warrant that he can do anything he wants in terms of experimenting his characters. But I’m also curious why we don’t hear any news about him dating anyone. The next question would be – is he gay?

Apart from questioning his love life, Gerard Butler is known for being a big fan of Glasgow football club Celtic F.C.. Because of this, there’s no doubt that one of these days, he will land to a role as a football player. And his wish is granted with his upcoming sports/rom-com movie together with Jessica Biel, Playing for Keeps.

Playing for Keeps, previously entitled Playing the Field is a film by Italian tearjerker director Gabriele Muccino. Well, that’s how I describe the director who made the two most popular films that made me cry so hard, The Pursuit of Happyness and Seven Pounds. I would like to think that Will Smith is his favorite actor. But football I guess doesn’t suit Smith that’s why he cast Gerard Butler instead. With Muccino’s reputation, there’s a big possibility that Playing for Keeps is another feel-good movie that we should watch out for before end of the year.

Watching the trailer, the story revolves around a former professional athlete (Butler) with some sort of troubled with his past and wrong decisions in life but tries to redeem himself by coaching his son's soccer team. However, he finds himself torn between his ex-wife (Biel), who’s moving on with his life and former sportscaster (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who will give him a break again in sports. Which direction he’s going to choose? Is he going to make the wrong decision again?

Playing for Keeps looks really promising and definitely a good movie to watch with family during the holidays, not to mention that it has a solid supporting cast like Dennis Quaid and Uma Thurman. But I’m kinda worried that competition on the holidays is tough --- with big household names releasing at this time. The audience will be split according to the genre they want; like Hyde Park on Hudson for those politically inclined moviegoers, Les Miserables for musical lovers or Peter Jackson’s supporters of The Lord of the Rings’ prequel, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

But I will definitely check this movie out. Playing for Keeps will be released on 7th of December, 2012.

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