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Top 10 Worst Horror Movies Ever Made

by Angel C|November 4, 2013|in Best & Worst Lists, News|

Top 10 Worst Horror Movies Ever Made

In the film industry, there are best movies, good movies, not-so-good movies, bad movies, and there are even worst movies you could only wish they were never produced at all. While it may be critical and difficult to define a good art and a bad one due to our different perception of things, there really are productions that are made in poor taste, so to speak.

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Hollywood has produced tons of horror movies since its inception, but how many are there that won the approval of the majority of the genre’s viewers? Only a handful, I suppose. I’m not being biased against horror movies per se. But of the films I have reviewed, several seemed to have gone into the abyss of oblivion. Ironically, though, there are worst movies that linger in the minds of people for their eccentricity. With that, here is our list of top 10 worst horror movies:

Top 10 Worst Horror Movies Ever Made

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#10 – Alone in the Dark (2005)

Awful! That is exactly what the film, Alone in the Dark, is. Edward Camby, played by Christian Slater, who is supposedly a paranormal investigator did not establish his character well – or is it the scriptwriter who did not define the role clearly? The performance seemed to me as though the paranormal thing hunted the investigator.

#9 – Maximum Overdrive (1986)

This science fiction is simply ridiculous! It lacks the convincing power to make the audience believe the “authenticity” of machines coming to life. Stephen King may be a very good author, but he definitely did not prove to be a good director in this film. If Maximum Overdrive is to be described in only two words, those words would be, “bad directing”.

#8 – The Exorcist 2: The Heretic (1977)

The problem with sequel movies is that it is almost always compared with the original; most often than not, its quality is inferior. And, Exorcist II: The Heretic is one of those badly produced follow-up. It was a failure, so to speak! Its attempt to bring together A-List actors and a considerably good director did not help in coming up with a good production, at all.

#7 – The Happening (2008)

The Happening started with a promise but as it progressed, it suddenly lost its momentum. Perhaps, it would have been better to change the title to What’s Happening? since the film literally leaves the audience wondering what was going on with the plot and the actors’ performance. Poorly-made script plus bad directing makes an inconsequential film.

#6 – Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College (1991)

Terrible! That is the appropriate description of this movie. If you are con-scious about time management, do not waste 94 minutes of your time on Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College. You should also not expect to get scared. Ghoulies III is perhaps the worst of all the sequels of this supposedly horror film, which turned out to be hilarious than creepy.

#5 – Troll 2 (1990)

Troll 2 was such a disaster! First of all, only goblins were there, not trolls. Second, the vacationing family must have not undergone any acting work-shop; their performances were so lousy. Then, the sound was so crummy in several scenes, drowning the dialogue and the essence of the story altogether. In other words, its director must himself be a disoriented per-son for coming up with such a terrible film. But thanks for the good laugh, anyway!

#4 – Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows (2000)

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is a mediocre movie. One viewing of it is not enough to get a clear picture of the entire story, but it was not also worth viewing the second time at all; otherwise, it would be a waste of time. Boring! The characters were not able to build up their roles – or, was it intended to be that way?

#3 – House of the Dead (2003)

House of the Dead was scary, all right! But it was a tragedy, soliciting unintentional laughs in the real sense of the word. The film started with a lengthy explanation about its main characters to the point that there was neither room left anymore in the viewers’ imagination nor for the film to go any deeper.

#2 – Leprechaun in the Hood (2000 video)

This video release is a waste of money to rent or buy. It has lost the standard of the original film in the real sense of the word. Avid Lep fans may vehemently disagree with me, but I have to say this one is a flop! Sure, there were a handful of funny scenes, and then what? There was really nothing much of the material to talk sense about Leprechaun in the Hood.

#1 – Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

This movie is simply a waste of time to watch! What with its poor concept and bad performance of the characters! Compared with the previous three installments of the film, Paranormal Activity 4 may be scarier and worse, if it was not yet at its worst. But it basically fails in terms of storytelling.


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