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Top 10 Most Annoying Movie Couples

by Angel C|November 15, 2013|in Best & Worst Lists, News|

Top 10 Most Annoying Movie Couples

Celebrity couples are formed either because it was found that they have a very good chemistry together in a film, or their personalities somehow complement the other. Sometimes, onscreen pairing develops into some-thing deeper, like ending up entangled in romantic relationships. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, for example, who appeared in eight movies together, were able to win the hearts of movie goers because of their unique ability to charm the audience.

Meanwhile, movie goers, too, can influence the pairing of celebrities. Avid fans have their own preferences on who should be paired with their idols, and who should not. There are also movie couples that we love to hate for some reasons or another. The following movie couples are among those I detest seeing together as a pair in their respective films. Hate it or love it; here are our own list of Top 10 Most Annoying Movie Couples.

Top 10 Most Annoying Movie Couples

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#10 – Marty McFly and Lorraine Baines (Back to the Future)

It must have been hair-raising to know that you are falling in love with your own (future) son. This part of the time-traveling movie should have not been included in the script; it was simply weird! Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson do not look good together as a couple.

#9 – Anna and Will (Notting Hill)

While it can be real that a top celebrity falls in love with just a “nobody” in society, it is quite incongruous for Anna and Will to go to bed together just a few hours after they bumped into each other. Perhaps it was an opportunity for Will to make advances on the celebrity since it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But for a very popular person to entrust herself to an unknown citizen is illusory and absurd.

#8 – Ricki and Larry (Gigli)

Oh, aside from making one of the worst movies of all time, the Gigli production team made a disastrous move in showcasing the romantically-linked Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck together. Personally, I easily get fed up seeing the same couple both in the real and reel world. I mean, everyone in the world knows that they are sweethearts; but why should they be paired to do a romantic film together? Was that an endorsement of their love affair? Who is interested in it, anyway?

#7 – Jack and Rose (Titanic)

Jack and Rose became an instant favorite among many young and not so young girls when Titanic hit the screen. It gave an insinuation that a love story can, indeed, be borne between two people of different social classes – after all, love comes in many mysterious ways, doesn’t it? But the anti-climax came when Rose broke her promise to “never let go”, leaving poor Jack frozen to death in the icy waters instead.

#6 – Jesse and Celine (Before Midnight)

While it may be interesting to hear other people’s personal experiences in life, it can also be a burden to listen to, especially when the story becomes too extended and detailed. This is what exactly Jesse and Celine did in Be-fore Midnight. If this were a real life story, who would like to spend most of their time listening to other couple’s encounters and lectures? I mean, every couple has its own story to tell. They better get a life!

#5 – Sandy and Danny (Grease)

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, who played the roles of Sandy and Danny respectively, in the musical film Grease, seemed like a mismatched pair. She, being a good girl, fell for a greaser. Theirs was a typical love story that can happen to anyone. Their love team was not well established - or I should say, hanging - as the script gave more focus on the musical.

#4 – John and Jane Smith (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

As Mr. and Mrs. Smith, John and Jane simply did not have the chemistry to capture the hearts of their viewers. Meanwhile, in real life, the love team of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which was eventually blamed for the break-up of Pitt’s marriage, is a bad example to their fans; although, in fairness to the couple, their relationship may not be the only reason for the split.

#3 – Carrie and Mr. Big (Sex and the City)

Although the saying “age doesn’t matter” for two people in love with each other may be true, there are a lot of grounds that Carrie and Mr. Big are should have not been paired with each other. First and foremost, Mr. Big is someone who has serious commitment problems; while Carrie has shoe issues. The only common thing they have is their selfishness.

#2 – Charles and Carrie (Four Weddings and a Funeral)

Whether we admit it or not, many people look up to celebrities; and consciously or subconsciously, emulate what their idols do onscreen. In the case of Charles and Carrie’s relationship, it is disheartening how they can casually promote commitment without marriage. I’m sure many have now considered adapting Charles’ proposal of lifelong commitment without marriage: “Do you think not being married to me might be something you could consider doing for the rest of your life?” is a clear sign that marriage is no longer seen as a sacred union.

#1 - Edward and Bella (Twilight movies)

This is one of the most, if not yet the most, ridiculous love story of all time. I’m not trying to be antagonistic to the many diehard Twilight movie fans, but the pairing of a human and a vampire is unrealistic and immoral. The film is subliminally imposing a perverted “new truth” that good and evil can be neutralized by rolling them into one.


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