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Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell : The Way, Way Back First Look Photo

by Char|August 26, 2012|in News|

The Way, Way Back First Photo With Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell

Jim Rash and Nat Faxon were given one night of fame and definitely it we’ll seeing more of them after that night. The night I’m talking about is the Academy Awards Night 2011. Rash and Faxon duo has been recognized for their screenplay of The Descendants, which was directed by Alexander Payne and starred George Clooney, in a quite not-a-kind-of-movie that Clooney normally portrays. They have a follow-up movie screenplay which we can all agree that are quite different with their Oscar’s film, The Way, Way Back.

The Way, Way Back is a coming-of-age comedy about a teenager (Liam James) who takes a summer job at a water park to get away from his mother (Toni Collette) and step-father (Steve Carell). There, he befriends the park’s manager, played by Sam Rockwell. We have a first look photo with Carell and Rockwell in the water park. Check out above.

Rash and Faxon are on their different directions when they crossed path and came together and become successful as scriptwriters. Jim Rash’s first love is being an actor and doing some extra acting while waiting for his big break in TV shows like Community, Help Me Help You and Reno 911. Nat Faxon did some appearances in comedic films like Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Who’ve thought that their great breakthrough will happen not on screen but the backbone of the screen.

We don’t have a feel yet of what the duo will offer on The Way, Way Back . Although, knowing that some pretty good actors will be on this movie like Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell, we can expect some fun watching this film.

Check out The Way, Way Back for more updates and news here.

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