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Spike Lee Releases List of Must-See Films

by chadverzosa|July 27, 2013|in News|

Spike Lee Releases List of Must-See Films

Beyond any doubt, Spike Lee is definitely one of the most influential directors of this generation. We all know how his works help change the views of our society, but what’s also equally admirable about him is his penchant for sharing his knowledge and love of cinema to other people.

Lee has just released his essential films list to the public. From Woody Allen to Akira Kurosawa, Spike Lee’s list seems to have every single influential director on it. However, the list also includes Kung Fu Hustle which makes you think twice if it got there by mistake. With that said, Kung Fu Hustle was a breakthrough film in many levels and Spike Lee definitely has a legitimate reason to include the film on his list.

The list comes in two JPEG format images, so we can’t really click on any movies on the list. I’m guessing it’s a scanned copy of Lee’s list, but hey, we should feel lucky enough we finally have a copy of it:

Spike Lee Essential List

Spike Lee Essential List 2

In other news, Spike Lee’s Kickstarter campaign for his newest movie has just reached $246, 672 with 25 more days to go. If you’d like to support his project, visit his Kickstarter page to learn more about it.

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