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Spike Lee Joins Kickstarter for Next Film

by chadverzosa|July 24, 2013|in News|

Spike Lee Joins Kickstarter for Next Film

Here’s something that would certainly cement the legitimacy of movie crowdfunding: Spike Lee, the king of independent films has finally joined Kickstarter for his next movie.

We’ve all heard of Kristen Bell’s Veronica Mars and Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here Kickstarter campaigns. But Spike Lee’s move to raise money for his next film on Kickstarter is definitely unprecedented. It may seem illogical for a highly influential filmmaker to take this route since he could pretty much raise however much he wants with his stature in cinema, but if you want to really know why he did it, here’s what Mr. Lee had to say::

“With the current climate in The Hollywood Studio System, it’s not an encouraging look for Independent Filmmakers. I’m not hating, just stating the facts. Super Heroes, Comic Books, 3D Special EFX, Blowing up the Planet Nine Times and Fly through the Air while Transforming is not my Thang. To me it’s not just that these Films are being made but it seems like these are the only films getting made. To The Studios it seems like every Film must be a Home run on a Global scale, a Tent Pole Enterprise, able to spin off Sequel after Sequel after Sequel after Sequel after Sequel after Sequel…

Do you wish to see Human Beings dealing with each other on a Human Level? How many more explosions with Ear splitting Sound Effects can you take? C’mon People, please get behind this Joint.”

Spike Lee knows all about raising money. In his book, She’s Gotta Have It, he chronicled how difficult it was to raise money when making films. Kickstarter is exponentially more convenient than what he had to go through in the 80’s when he was still a young filmmaker. But perhaps, Kickstarter is also a way for him to return to his early indie film days.

It’s only the first day for Lee’s Kickstarter campaign, but he’s already raised $49, 040 from 443 backers. He plans to raise $1,250,000 which is not really as much as what Kristen Bell and Zach Braff asked to raise for their respective movies.

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