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No Strings Attached – Same Chick-Flick Plot, But Not Really

by Char|July 26, 2012|in Reviews|

No Strings Attached Movie Review Ashton Kutcher Natalie Portman

No Strings Attached” is a typical love-hate-love-sex relationship between two unattached people who decided not to be attached and just exercise a plain sex everytime they meet up. This is poses a question if is it really possible to have sex with someone and not fall in love? If platonic relationship exists for those who are not having sex but with intimacy, how do we call this one? Fubu – short for Fuck Buddies!

No Strings Attached is almost the same with other romantic-comedy movies we saw – but the twist is that, the guy was the one who first run to a risk of falling in love. And, the girl was the one who is so scared of commitment. I bow to that – thank you Natalie Portman for bringing the Feminine Flag of idiosyncrasy.

Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) first met when they were 6 and now meet again when they’re maybe 26. For any consolation, the characters of both Emma and Adam insinuate how the people today evolved from being laid-back to excruciatingly hard-working middle-aged group, due to global economical distress and recession. Adam is a low-rent TV producer while Emma is a medical student – which is another implication on how women today became so much more driven than men. She doesn’t have time for romance—which we can suggest that she can learn more things watching Dr. Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy. And he’s dating the sexy Vanessa (played by the well-named Ophelia Lovibond).

Adam discovers Vanessa has dumped him and moved in with his father (Kevin Kline). Quite incongruous event that for so many men that will ditch you for, your own father is way better! In response, he begins to drink, and what with one thing and another, he wakes up naked in Emma’s apartment while she and three roommates reassure him they’re all interns and deja vu when it comes to viewing the honestly yummy bum on display.

Anyway, finding out he hasn’t slept with Emma, both of them find their way to agree on having sex and remain just friends. Cool! Almost everything is perfect, except for the audience who get irritated and constantly wishing to please end the darnest idea every created – but, only when someone finally falls in love.

We never can really tell who first tripped on the romanticism. Emma, in all honesty, denied a lot of things on this movie. Adam started to be a gentleman – like taking Emma out for a date, with creative flower-like carrots because she’s literally not romantic and doesn’t appreciate flowers. Denial. He brought a compilation of ‘menstrual’ songs, when she’s experiencing a monthly heavy-flow period which was actually another denial she went through with her family (mother is not sharing her sentiments; sister is getting married). I love the ‘Bleeding Love’ song to part of that CD. After such, Emma suggests they try sleeping with others so, you know, they won’t get too hung up on each other. If you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy you know how that works. Experience shows that not sleeping with others is the foolproof way of not getting too hung up, etc.

It is a fun movie – if you’re not in a mood to criticize. Emma and Adam failed to be modern characters and sucked up the tale of two hearts that long time ago, from the first time we saw the reel playing, that they will fall in love anyway.

There are two characters I hate all-through-out – Adam’s dad, an aging television star trapped on being a television star. Where hell the father-figure these days? And come on, fake tanned skin is the best he can get? Also, Lucy (Lake Bell) annoys me more because apart for acting so innocently adoring Adam, she can be easily be smitten by the middle-aged-fake-tanned Dad in a snap.

Natalie Portman, definitely deserves to win an Academy Award for “Black Swan.” In this movie, it proves that she’s versatile actress that she can be anyone you want her to be, including the language you want her to speak (FYI: She can speak 6 languages, including English). But, it might, at some point infuriate the award-giving body for giving her an award and still performed in mediocrity of film plot on this movie. Anyhow, she’s pretty good at what she’s doing – being believably funny, sexy and amazingly gorgeous as being simply Natalie Portman.

About Mr. Demi Moore, my compliments lessen from the moment he became Mr. Demi Moore. He has a nice ass though, and there are few moments that he can isolate himself as a male cougar who loves to tweet online. I loved him when I saw him with Amanda Peet in ‘A Lot Like Love’, and with Jennifer Garner in ‘Valentine’s Day’. I’m not so sure if I will love him as Adam. But, it looks like he’s continuously being a hopeless romantic, only in the movies, maybe!

I’m giving No Strings Attached 3 popcorns out of 5!

No Strings Attached
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