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New Anne Frank Movie In The Works

by chadverzosa|November 30, 2012|in News|

New Anne Frank Movie In The Works

There have been at least a dozen film adaptations of Anne Frank since her diary was published more than a century ago. The popular 1959 adaptation, The Diary of Anne Frank with Mille Perkins won three Oscars and also received several Emmy nominations.

Fred Breinersdorfer, the author of the Oscar nominated drama feature, Sophie Scholl (The Final Days), is writing a script for the newest Anne Frank adaptation. The producers of the biopic are also collaborating with Anne Frank Fonds ( founded by Anne Frank’s father to manage the rights to Anne’s diaries).

The movie’s style is going to be similar to Sophie Scholl. Anne frank’s new biopic will not only focus on her diaries, but will also include historical accounts provided by her family in an attempt to show how her life was like even before she began writing the diaries.

The German writer’s experience with Sophie Scholl makes him very ideal to write the script for Anne Frank. His handling of all the historical details from Sophie Scholl’s story only reinforces trust that he can create a well-written historically accurate Anne Frank adaptation.

With an unprecedented access to all sorts of historical sources, Breinersdorfer’s Ann Frank aims to be much more meticulous in historical details than the other adaptations that have been made. The new movie might reveal more details that the other films before it have failed to provide. The film is planned to begin shooting in 2013.

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