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Infographic: Dumbledore VS Gandalf

by Char|December 4, 2013|in Infographics, News|

Infographic: Dumbledore VS Gandalf

Dumbledore VS Gandalf battle should be done few years ago when both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings film franchises were starting to build each cult followers. But since creating infographic is very fascinating, we decided to look at the clash of these old folks. Also, Gandalf is reappearing in The Hobbit trilogy. This infographic will be pretty much fitting.

Revisiting and comparing the two most powerful wizards of recent memory is enchanting, as we look at their magical powers, bravery, enemies and skills. Take note that we are only taking into account their movie portrayals. Take a look of the infographic we made and let us know if you agree who wins!

Dumbledore VS Gandalf Infographic

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