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Charlotte Gainsburg Bares All In Nymphomaniac

by chadverzosa|February 13, 2013|in News|

Charlotte Gainsburg Bares All In Nymphomaniac

Not a lot of people really know the Anglo-French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, but she is considered one of the most notable performers in art house and independent film circle, and she has a Cannes Best Actress Award to prove it. She has starred in a lot of foreign films (particularly in France and U.K among other countries), as well as a few Hollywood films such as 21 Grams.

With a career spanning 2 decades, Gainsbourg doesn’t seem too bothered to remain in the fringes of Hollywood fame. She is known to play a lot of demanding roles that are sometimes a bit too unconventional for the mainstream, and with Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, Gainsbourg is once again proving her wide range of talent as an actress.

Gainsbourg plays as the nymphomaniac in the movie, and considering the fact that it’s Lars Von Trier’s work, it is not going to be a conservative depiction, to say the least. Although it hasn’t been released, yet, Nymphomaniac is already causing a bit of a ruckus in the movie world. It will definitely cause quite a controversy when it’s finally released to the public, but sometimes that’s what good films are all about–thought-provoking images and stories that cause people to think deeper about themselves.

The movie is 7 1/2 hours long and is cut in two parts. Nymphomaniac also stars Shia Labeouf, Willem Dafoe, Uma Thurman and Stellan Skarsgard. Select parts of the movie are being shown at the Berlin Film Fest, but the rest of us are gonna have to stay curious, at least for now.

Gainsburg is not only a talented indie actress. She is also released four music albums. Well, it is actually expected of her — since she is the daughter of French singer and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. Take a look some of her music videos here:

Charlotte Gainsburg Music Videos

1 of 8

Charlotte Gainsbourg featuring Beck "Heaven Can Wait"

The director's cut of the music video for "Heaven Can Wait" by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Terrible Angels

Charlotte Gainsbourg new video: Terrible Angels
Directed by: Nathalie Canguilhem

Charlotte Gainsbourg "5:55"

Charlotte Gainsbourg video for 5:55

Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Operation

Official Music Video of Charlotte Gainsbourg The Operation, from the album 5:55.

Charlotte Gainsbourg "Songs That We Sing"

Charlotte Gainsbourg's Songs That We Sing

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Time of the Assassins

Directed by Todd Cole. Shot in BIG SUR, California

Charlotte Gainsbourg - L'Hôtel Particulier (Live)

L'hôtel Particulier is extracted from Stage Whisper (Live & Unreleased)

Charlotte Gainsbourg Performs Trick Pony

Charlotte Gainsbourg performs Trick Pony from her new album Irm


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