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Bradley Cooper Might Cycle as Lance Armstrong

by Char|January 29, 2013|in News|

Bradley Cooper Might Cycle as Lance Armstrong

We don’t give a fuss for Lance Armstrong back in the days when he was winning at Tour de France. In most cases, doubts on he did it was extended to the road racing cyclist. Now that he admitted that he was using the illicit performance-enhancing drugs in national television to the famous TV host Oprah Winfrey, all we can say and agree about – he is a total dumb loser.

Or, maybe not!

For all the audience who saw the interview, either live or online, the first impression was “this guy a freakin’ lunatic to admit that he took those drugs.” But, right after the hoo-ha, there is an upcoming book to be published, Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong; and J.J. Abrams is at standby mode to direct his biopic. Now, Bradley Cooper is expressing his interest to play the titular role. It seems that the sequence of events is happening so fast, isn’t it.

But yeah, anyway, Bradley Cooper is really in talks with director J.J. Abrams to star in an upcoming biopic of shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong. He might be suitable, since he already played a fictional character who is having a super functional brain by taking a dodgy pill in Limitless.

J.J. Abrams is also not leaving a hot spot. He has upcoming movie of Star Trek sequel. He recently confirmed he is doing the Star Wars: Episode VII with Disney. And now, he is lurking to the sports controversy of Mr. Armstrong.
Talking to ET, Abrams let slip that his Bad Robot studio is now in informal talks with Bradley Cooper about playing the lie-peddling peddler.

“[Cooper] sent me an email and we’ve been talking,” Abrams told ET. This won’t come as a big surprise to anyone who heard Cooper express his interest in the role earlier this month. “I think he’s fascinating,” the actor told BBC News. “What a fascinating character.”

The film will be based on Cycle of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong, a book proposal by New York Times sportswriter Juliet Macur, who has followed the cyclist for ten murky years of triumph and transfusions. The story, which, as the title implies, is set firmly at the ‘downfall’ end of the story, was optioned by Bad Robot and Paramount in mid-January.

A short time after Lance Armstrong publicly announced that he used banned performance enhancers during his career as a cyclist, Paramount Pictures and J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions picked up rights to Juliet Macur’s upcoming book Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong.

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