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Bradley Cooper Is Planning ‘Dark Invasion’

by Char|January 18, 2013|in News|

Bradley Cooper Plans a Dark Invasion

“When it rains, it pours” for Bradley Cooper. I still have fresh memory of him playing Will Tippin, who stayed supportive of his undercover friend, Sydney Bristow played by Jennifer Garner in Alias. We thought that it was his big break that he deserves. In 2009, he showed his quirky and naughty side in The Hangover. But still, it doesn’t prove anything. It only happened one day that we see more of Bradley Cooper.

After receiving nomination from Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook, it looks like this is only the beginning for him. Surely, projects will be lining up to cast him. Now, he is already in talks to star in an adaptation of Howard Blum’s non-fiction book Dark Invasion. The project is being setup as a star vehicle for the actor through Warner Bros.

The book is a true story that follows Germany’s attempt to thwart the efforts of the Allies during World War I by sending their Secret Service to fight a covert war in America. They utilize Kaiser’s bomb manufacturing facilities to sabotage Navy Ships and assassinate JP Morgan Jr. They also attack the U.S. Capitol building and setup an anthrax laboratory in close proximity to the White House.

Cooper will play NYPD Captain Tom Tunney, who was tasked with assembling a team that would bring down the invading German spies.

Definitely, we’re going to see more of The Sexiest Man Alive!

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